Summer Collage Class @ GCCA: [Re]Constructing the Printed Image by Kymberly Day

I will be teaching a 6-week collage class this June & July at Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA). [Re]Constructing the Printed Image explores compositional design and aesthetics using found, printed imagery in paper collage i.e., we cut up old picture books!

Students of [Re]Constructing the Printed Image will be provided with precision cutting blades, rubber cement, cork-backed rulers, and paper collaging materials. We will not be using scissors! We will emphasize how developing good craftsmanship in cutting can influence all stages of the collage process. On the other hand, tearing techniques will also be explored, as well as a combination of cut and torn edge qualities. Students are asked to provide their own self-healing cutting mat of any size and a 9"x12" or larger paper pad (140lb. paper, 24 sheet) to be used as the base paper for our collage work.

The beginning sessions of the class will focus on building balanced and dynamic compositions using Gestalt principles of design & black & white imagery, where students will analyze subtle color temperature changes within a monochromatic scheme. Later sessions will develop a broader use of color. Conceptually, we will analyze how subject matter is effected by deconstructing a single image or by reconstructing one from different sources, and how this process relates to artistic practices in other mediums.

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Student Work Example

Student Work Example

by Kymberly Day

Completed these little 5x5 collages mounted on wood paper tonight at Greenville Center for Creative Art's Art School Open House. Sign up for my found-image collage class, [Re]Constructing the Printed Image, on GCCA's website (link below). It takes place on Wednesday evenings starting June 6th.